Sunday, November 05, 2006


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GUYS...don't be afraid to to take what we now have as a rough script and extend your imagination. Build a world that best fits our terrible trio. This is how I think design wise....................

If our sleeping candy sucker is such a candy junkie (and this being a cartoon) how would his world be.....hhhhmmmmmmm....FULL OF CANDY! LOL So think candy. I got refs for candy and I just tried to explore that idead.

Disclaimer -- (im not pickin on anybody im jus randomly thinkin of things id say to people i might not have said because I was never good at public speakin)

Rob Kim-- If you want a direction for colour for our boys bedroom get some pics of candy wrappers and look at how they use colours to compliment their product. Even the films colour palette should revolve around candy (I think as a direction when stuck)

Rob B - - When thinkin props for the kid think candy. When thinking of props for the tooth fairy and cavity fairy , believe in them ...shit even be them and think. "what the hell would MY plier look like ....What would my crown look like"...

Steve -- Loving your take on the story sketches and boards and keep thinkin whose view are the boards sequenced and how would it look.

Dave -- Dont stop crankin out those layouts and ideas. Keep em coming you machine of a man.

Arezoo -- Keep pushing your characters personalities for you are DEFINETLY on to something benficial for our characters. and a great inspiration.

Rye -- Keep airing out that story so its so tight the audience holds their breath in anticipation from beginning to end. You'd be surpirsed how many people can't hold thier breath for two minutes but im sure you can make em do it effortlessly.

Ewen -- Glad you like the sit down session our group had the other night hopefully it wont have to be that late anymore. But whatever it is abou this film so far that you like pump em out in the meantime between time and dont be afraid to show your ideas. Youve fixed alot of problems in terms of storyboards and story dont think you arent an asset

Lara -- You too! Very nice painting for layout class and if thats where your "h - art" lies besides tryint okeep things organized than give it a go. you want to colour some stuff on the side then go for it. every little thing counts as long as there is meaning behind it.Remeber: Don't do things just because.

Andre -- Get over yourself and do some ground work and show it dont say it.


Blogger Cooked Art said...

You Tell 'Em Andre!


Seriously, nice stuff guys! Keep it coming!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...... so.. dre... ur the director now?

5:52 PM  

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