Friday, September 29, 2006

He Has A Dream, I Had A Dream

...and so this will never get done.
So today we all had a big group discussion and everyone gave a short pitch of their take on JACK AND THE MEAN STACK, well everyone except for Robert Kim (Robot) and myelf (RyE). Now before you start yelling about how RyE and the Robot are slackers, I should let you know that Robert pitched his version of the MONSTER BACKPACK, while I pitched my take on TOOTH FAIRY REVOLT. After some discussion we decided in a vote of 6 to 3 for TOOTH FAIRY REVOLT. so now the deal is that everyone is going to go do some work on embellishing my pitch, pulling it apart, throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks and what most definitly does not. It should be pretty awesome to see how people interpret the craziness I enthusiastically shot at them. Lets just say the league of Imaginary characters will be victorious.......or will they, thats up to my group. Anyhow let the creation of the film begin......AGAIN.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mean stack concept stuff

Just some quick design sketches for the smoke stack. I was playing around with shapes mostly, so this is not necessarily the style we're using. (if we go with the story at all)


For Jack in one of my stories I had in my head.

Jack's Turnin Into A Jackass

It seems Jack and the mean stack has given more than a few of our group members a headache trying to wrap our heads around a story that flows nicely with ups and downs instead of a common linear story.This week we spent hours trying to create, re create, create re create story ideas around JACK AND THE MEAN STACK. But it looks like Jack, his grandfather and that mean ol stack are gonna have some company by the likes of fairies, pirates, blocks, monster backpacks and characters of all kinds as our group pitches individually liked synopsiseseseseses. I dont mind and we should explore ideas and I guess it is the nature of the beast (animated short) to consume all it can in resources and shit out everything thats not good for it. Even Im thinking about jumping off the stack and imagining for fairy wings, or even easter bunny legs to start hopping or even, being accompanied by a lifeless roast turkey that saves me and the day (I hear you Rye). But we'll see what happens tomorrow for we have an intelligent group and as much as we're takin a step back we havent lost our momentum to think of something that'll be worth working on.


Before I bail off the idea of a polluting chimney stack above are my visual concpets of an ol stubborn, and hyper active, glutenous, ginormous chimney stack.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jack and the Mean Stack...

This is our group synopsis each member will take and pitch the following Friday.....

The original synopsis for this was that there is a a town who has a ginormous smoke stack which clouds the town in a dark and unhealthy shroud, causing town's people to leave except for the ol inventor and his grandson. The ol' inventor creates a contraption for his grandson to go and regulate this smoke stack.....

This can be taken, changed, re-arranged in so many ways so Im lookin forward to seeing and hearing the different takes on it. The group effort and commitment to making this film worth while for everybody is intersting to see. Hopefully the momentum will keep steady pace or rise even higher.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


This year I am in my 3rd year of animation and I will be working with a very talented group of animators. Im very pleased to be in this group and the lack of egos is a surplus. I feel real confident that we will finish this year with a very funny, suspenseful, dramatic, cinematic film that'll have all the ingredrients of an enjoyable film...even if its about pencil pusher. Its a 1-2 minute film so every last scene has to be pushed further than the other until.....................................................................BOOM! CLIMAX!

This is going to be too much fun and thats what will keep this group together through all the long nights. As sappy as that may sound its creepy but true. So keep posted and Ill keep talking as if anyone is listening.I will be posting up their blog, deviantart, and other websites and community links.


This is a blog that not only will be used by group members but will be a source that hopefully fellow bloggers can comment at. See anything worth commenting on? GO AHEAD! outside suggestions may not be a part of our final product but the critiques may always be a blessing in disguise as a motivator, or subtle push in the right direction. Our group consist of artists hungry for artistic knowledge and are open minded so C&C are always appreciated and talked over within our group.